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Rock Well and Pump client

Bristol, WI

"Thanks Dave!  Good Service!"

If you have a problem with your well or pump, I highly recommend Rock Well.  I used them to replace my pump and fix a few other problems.   Their workmanship was top notch and they were very courteous, plus their price was very fair. - Bristol, WI

Then 2014, a water pressure valve was severely leaking.  It was a December on a Friday night at 6 pm.  I called Dave, but he explained he and every other well guy in the state was at a well diggers convention in Baraboo, so I'd have to do it myself.  Dave talked me through the issue, and explained to me that I could easily replaced the valve myself with one that I could pick up at the hardware story.  Within a half an hour I had my problem solved thanks to Dave's explanation.  I can't imagine another company doing that. - Union Grove, WI

Our experience with Rock-Well was excellent!  In 2008, we had no water at our office in Paddock Lake - day after day the water flow was becoming less until there was none at all.  It turns out the submersible water had just ground to a halt because it was so clogged with sand.  Dave came out and replaced this somewhat obscure thinner than normal water pump and got us up and running.

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4720 S. Beaumont Avenue

Kansasville, WI 53139

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