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Since 1988 Rock-Well, a family own company has been a Southeast Wisconsin favorite, and we now service Lake County Illinois.  We are family owned, taking great care and pride in protecting your most important resource - your drinking water.

The people at Rock Well will take the time to educate you, our customers, so you have a better understanding of your well water system.  This education also helps our clients maintain their own well water system, saving them money in the long run.

We are serious about our Mission Statement.  To illustrate this point, we need to go back to 1993, when our family personally had the great misfortune to contract Cryptosporidium while drinking Milwaukee municipal water.  We understand the physical pain involved by contracting this illness which lasted for weeks.  When this parasitic microorganism passed through the Milwaukee’s filtration system it resulted in the largest Cryptosporidium outbreak in American history.  That year 403,00 residents became sick with cramps, fever, diarrhea, and dehydration.  At least 104 deaths were attributed to this outbreak because of runoff from cattle pastures.  In today's money it cost hundreds of millions of dollars in medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.

We want you to live safer healthier lives, and it starts with good water.  Rock-Well of Southeast Wisconsin provides quality advice, products and services to achieve the best solution for our customers’ well water needs.

Dave and Kelly Rock, owners of Rock and Well and Pump

Kelly and David Rock, owners of Rock-Well

A properly constructed and maintained well will supply you with many years of quality service.  We recommend routine annual check ups to ensure the proper operation of the well and prolong its years of service as well as monitor the water quality.

As part of our check up we test for coliform bacteria, a bacteria found in all animals and their waste, nitrates and anything else of local concern.  Rock-Well  also tests your equipment to insure that it is sanitary and meets local code requirements and provide recommendations based on the results.

Dave with a water pressure tank and his trusty mascot.

Our Mission is to provide the safest, best tasting well water possible.


4720 S. Beaumont Avenue

Kansasville, WI 53139

(262) 878-2110